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  • Blogger Review - Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrator (Black Line Edition)

    We seem to have lots of recent reviews popping up on Twitter at the moment, this morning we came into the office to find that Scandarella had been very very busy with the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Vibrator that we sent her, and not just busy, from reading the review on her blog we are pretty sure she hasn't left the house since she got it.

    Fun Factory are one of our absolute favourite brands when it comes to toys, the quality is unsurpassed and they very very rarely fail to live up to their promises, and i don't think we have ever had one fail, the quality is just out of this world.

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  • Blogger Review Demoniq Ilse Wet Look Catsuit

    We love it when we send items to reviewers to look at and they actually love the items we send them, yes we do try and match up reviewers & bloggers with items we think they will enjoy but we still always ask for an honest review of the item that we send them.

    Well today we saw on twitter that we had most definitely tickled the fancy of one of our favourite bloggers Little Switch Bitch an Irish lass who blogs about all things sex, when we sent her Demoniq's Ilse wet look & mesh catsuit, and her review is definitely worth a read.

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  • Introducing Sex Toys to Foreplay a Couples Guide

    I have to admit I am uncomfortable with the word foreplay. This is because it makes it sound as if everything you do before a certain point is ‘warm up’, leading to a main event. The main event being penetration. However, the aspects of sex that most people think of as ‘just’ foreplay, are actually a big part of sex for many people. Penetration is just one ingredient in a very big (and varied) recipe.

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  • Fun Factory Duke Video Review - Prostate Stimulators

    We send quiet a few products out to reviewers for testing and we never really know what these tireless sex toy testers will make of them, however what we do like is good honest feedback, and a through product test.

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  • Fetish Fashion Photoshoot with the Woolfe Pack

    Latex Leather and Lace have had a long standing relationship with Images by Woolfe and the amazing Woolfe Pack, wth many images from previous shoots being published in magazines from around the world. This weekend saw us getting together again and shooting some of our favourite fetish fashion items together again at our offices & warehouse in Leicestershire.

    The Woolfe pack arrived early and after raiding our warehouse for some of their favourite outfits, the girls had been doing their research on our website and had come armed with shopping lists, and of course armfuls of Pleaser Shoes were next on the list, then the lights went up and the camera's came out for a very long but rewarding day of shooting with this amazing team.

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  • Fifty Shades Dirtier The Toys Behind the Movie

    On Friday, I sat in the cinema surrounded by giggling groups of women my notebook open on my lap, as I watched the latest instalment in the Fifty Shades series, Fifty Shades Darker. There are parts that were fun to watch, and parts that were awkward sat in a cinema full of people but overall was an inspiring watch. If you’ve seen the film you might be asking yourself, where can I find toys like I saw in the movie. I’ve done my research and found you the best on offer at the moment:

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  • New Year New Gear - Checkout Our Latest Fetishwear

    With the new year we are introducing some great new fetishwear collections to our range including Noir Handemade's Power Wetlook Diva collection, and Demoniq's bondage inspired Shibari collection.

    And there is more as well, new toys for girls and boys, new men's wear and loads of new shoes & boots from Pleaser USA, in fact we barely have enough space in our warehouse for all the kinky new gear we have got you for the new year.

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  • It's International Fisting Day a Global Celebration of Fisting, Or is it?

    October the 21st apparently marks International Fisting Day in the calendar, buoyed as being a Global event celebrating fisting, a sex act that uses the entire hand, And you can even get a T-shirt to show your love of this most intimate act.

    But there also seems to be one problem the website who seem to be the main supporters of this great event in the annual calendar does not appear to have been updated in over a year, so it would appear the founders of International Fisting Day (Courtney Trouble & Jiz Lee) are either otherwise engaged with latex gloves and a large bottle of lube or their passion for celebrating their love of fisting publicly has waned...

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  • Lets Celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week this September

    Lets celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week together this September, you can join the online celebrations of bisexuality by using the hashtag #BiWeek all this week in the run up to Bisexuality Day on the 23rd of September, so get online and show your support for Bisexual Awareness Week 2016.

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  • World's Sexiest Movie Women in Catsuits

    The movies are full of sexy women in catsuits so check out our roundup of the top 20 worlds sexiest women in catsuits for the definitive list of sexy stars in skin tight catsuits of all descriptions. The humble catsuit has always been a favourite for some of the worlds sexiest movie women, especially in Sci-Fi or spy related movies and even more so when the sexy lady in question in a powerful lead character, super sexy crime fighting side kick, or the worlds sexiest super-villan.

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