Blogger Review Demoniq Ilse Wet Look Catsuit

We love it when we send items to reviewers to look at and they actually love the items we send them, yes we do try and match up reviewers & bloggers with items we think they will enjoy but we still always ask for an honest review of the item that we send them.

Well today we saw on twitter that we had most definitely tickled the fancy of one of our favourite bloggers Little Switch Bitch an Irish lass who blogs about all things sex, when we sent her Demoniq's Ilse wet look & mesh catsuit, and her review is definitely worth a read.

Now we already knew that this lady had been looking for a catsuit to play with for sometime, couple that with some of the images she has posted on her blog you can see that she has a penchant for fetish wear and a love of lingerie so from our point of view this was hopefully going to be a marriage made in heaven. And made in heaven it certainly appears to be.

Demoniq Catsuit Wet Look Review Little Switch Bitch Demoniq Catsuit Wet Look Review Little Switch Bitch

And it certainly appears that Little Switch made the most of it, we will let you be the judge of how this catsuit measured up, but we do love the way she gave what is one of our favourite catsuits a proper work out, including the use of 'tit tape' when things wouldn't stay where they should whilst doing the pictures, and no you won't find any rogue nip slips on her blog, so please don't go hunting.

Demoniq Ilse Wet Look & Mess Catsuit - The Mistress Collection Demoniq Ilse Wet Look & Mesh Catsuit

We absolutely love this catsuit as it has such a striking look and from the look of LSB's review and the comments of our models from our recent photoshoot, its fast becoming a favourite all round.

We cant wait to see her next review as we know what coming up, don't forget to check out this amazing girls blog for review on all kinds of lingerie and sex toys as well as her BDSM diaries and random musing which can be well worth a read, give the image below a click and check out her blog, its well worth a read.

Little Switch Bitch an Irish Lass Blogging about all things sex Little Switch Bitch an Irish Lass Blogging about all things sex

You can also follow her on:

Twitter: @_LittleSBitch

Facebook: @LittleSwitchBlog

& Finally Instagram: LittleSwitchBitch

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