Allure Lingerie USA

Allure Lingerie USA has been manufacturing high quality leather, faux-leather and PVC lingerie and accessories since 1993. The company’s quality products and cutting edge designs have made it an industry leader in North America, Europe and around the world.

Allure Leather and PVC Lingerie USA

Allure \e-'lur] vb. al-lured; al-luring: to entice by charm or attraction - allure n. - al-lure-ment n.

Allure - v.t. to tempt by a lure, offer, promise,. - ment n. alluring a. alluringly adv.

Allure Lingerie takes love and lust to a whole new level with its fantastic collections of Leather, PVC, Faux Leather and Wet Look Lingerie, Clothing and Accessories for both women and men, playful and romantic, sensual and provocative, which are you? and which will you be tonight?

Allure Lingerie's high quality PVC and Leather Lingerie and Clothing lines feature heavily here at Latex, Leather and Lace especially in our Leather Lingerie and PVC Lingerie & Clothing categories.

Within the Allure range you will also find the fabulous Kitten brand bringing you a fantastic range of Kitten Faux Leather Lingerie and Kitten Wet Look Lingerie these two great ranges bring Allure Lingerie to the masses with significantly lower prices than Allures flagship Leather and PVC ranges.

Allures massive range feature everything from womens sexy leather and pvc dresses, delicious corsets, bras and tops in leather, pvc and faux leather to wet look leggings, thongs and leather g-strings, mens leather harnesses, leather tops, shorts and leather thongs, to sexy wet look mens clubwear.

We have a comprehensive size chart online which applies to all Allure Lingerie and Clothing items (Allure Lingerie and Clothing Size Chart).

Check out our complete stock range of fabulous Allure Leather Lingerie, PVC Lingerie, Sexy Wet Look Lingerie.

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