Allure Lingerie USA

Allure Lingerie USA has been manufacturing high quality leather, faux-leather and PVC lingerie and accessories since 1993. The company’s quality products and cutting edge designs have made it an industry leader in North America, Europe and around the world.

Allure Leather and PVC Lingerie USA

Allure \e-'lur] vb. al-lured; al-luring: to entice by charm or attraction - allure n. - al-lure-ment n.

Allure - v.t. to tempt by a lure, offer, promise,. - ment n. alluring a. alluringly adv.

Allure Lingerie takes love and lust to a whole new level with its fantastic collections of Leather, PVC, Faux Leather and Wet Look Lingerie, Clothing and Accessories for both women and men, playful and romantic, sensual and provocative, which are you? and which will you be tonight?

Allure Lingerie's high quality PVC and Leather Lingerie and Clothing lines feature heavily here at Latex, Leather and Lace especially in our Leather Lingerie and PVC Lingerie & Clothing categories.

Within the Allure range you will also find the fabulous Kitten brand bringing you a fantastic range of Kitten Faux Leather Lingerie and Kitten Wet Look Lingerie these two great ranges bring Allure Lingerie to the masses with significantly lower prices than Allures flagship Leather and PVC ranges.

Allures massive range feature everything from womens sexy leather and pvc dresses, delicious corsets, bras and tops in leather, pvc and faux leather to wet look leggings, thongs and leather g-strings, mens leather harnesses, leather tops, shorts and leather thongs, to sexy wet look mens clubwear.

We have a comprehensive size chart online which applies to all Allure Lingerie and Clothing items (Allure Lingerie and Clothing Size Chart).

Check out our complete stock range of fabulous Allure Leather Lingerie, PVC Lingerie, Sexy Wet Look Lingerie.

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Latest Allure Lingerie News @ Latex, Leather and Lace
  • Hinckley Sex Shop Leather BDSM & Bondage Gear Leicester

    Our Hinckley Sex Shop Leather BDSM & Bondage Gear, Lingerie and Fetish Wear Store in Leicestershire is now open News and amazing products in store now, from fabulous Scarlett In Chains Bondage & BDSM Jewellery, Fun Factory Dildos and Vibrators this is a fabulous new range of sex toys, and our very own range of Leather Bondage & BDSM Gear all available online or in our Hinckley Sex Shop and Fetish Fashion Lingerie Store in Leicestershire.

  • A Sexy Black Catsuit Figure Hugging Sex Appeal in PVC or Wetlook

    The black catsuit has to one of the stand out fetish garments around wether it be in shiny PVC or Wetlook, soft supple leather or shiny black latex the trusty sexy black catsuit has transformed women into vixen's for years, from Catwoman in the "Dark Knight" to Emma Peel in "The Avengers", from Trinity in The Matrix to Scarlett Johansson in "Iron Man 2", and who could forget "Charlies Angles" the sexy black catsuit is the weapon of choice for women who want to show power through the femininity.

  • Sexy School Girl Skirts from in Leather or PVC from Allure

    If your looking for Sexy School Girl Skirts for sometime sexy roleplay the Allure Lingerie have Sexy School Girl Skirts in Shiny PVC or soft supple leather, a sexy skirt to give you that perfect school girl look and enhance your sexy roleplay, or finish off that sexy adult costume.

  • Lace and Leather in the UK, Shopping for Fetish Fashion

    If you love shopping and you love Lace and Leather Fetish Fashion then there are more places then ever in the UK to get your fix, both on and off line, shopping for Fetish Fashion or that kinky mix of Lace and Leather in the UK is now easier than ever before. With online shops a plenty that fabulous blend of the classic lace and the seductive fetish leather look is more popular than ever.

  • Datex Catsuit at SWAMP Bristol Insistline Datex Clothing Fetish Fair

    This weekend saw Latex, Leather and Lace making our way down to Bristol for the SWAMP South West Monthly Fetish Fair, we have been meaning to get down to SWAMP in Bristol for a while now and this month we finally had our opportunity. So leaving early in the morning and making the 3 hour trek down the M6 and M5 from Leicester saw us arriving in Bristol with plenty of time to get set up with our new coloured Datex Samples and with plenty of Insistline Latex and Datex on display, as usual we also had with us a good selection of Allure PVC and Leather wear as well as our wet look collections.