Insistline Latex & Datex Clothing

Insistline Latex & Datex Clothing

Insistline Latex & Datex Clothing, Lingerie and Fetish Wear from Ledapol

INSISTLINE is a modern brand offering a truly stunning fetish wear range which offers both Latex and Datex clothing and lingerie, Datex being a relatively new material made of a 100% natural latex rubberised knitted fabric which has the appearance of Latex but is easy to put on, without the need for dressing aids.

The Magic of DATEX is not only the way it lies down on skin, perfectly exposing the sexiest shapes of human body, but also desire of possessing clothing that everybody is talking about. Check out our 50 Second Insistline / Ledapol Taster Video at the bottom of this page for a real sense of what the Insistline / Ledapol brands really mean, and trust me, they mean business...

Insistline Latex and Datex clothing is clothing that INSIST's on being put on, on being touched, on being used!

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Insistline Latex and Datex Clothing Range

Ledapol / Insistline Latex and Datex Clothing 50 Second Teaser Video

Checkout this 50 second Insistline Latex and Datex Lingerie teaser video, this is a great view into the full range of Latex & Datex Clothing and Lingerie available in the Insistline Range from Ledapol of Poland.

Insistline / Ledapol Latex Stock Range Sample Video

See the Video below for a small sample of Insistline's amazing range of Latex and Datex Clothing, this video focuses mainly on Insistline's Latex Clothing Range, most of which is kept in stock right here at Latex, Leather and Lace.

Insistline from Ledapol of Poland, offer some of the best Latex & Datex Fetish Wear, Clothing and Lingerie anywhere in the world and it's all available right here at Latex, Leather and Lace.