Historical Costumes

Historical costumes are a great choice for adult fancy dress or for role play at home. Step into a different time and become someone whose name has been passed down through the generations, if only for one night. 

Bring the raw danger of fighting in the Coliseum (without the blood or angry lions) in the Leg Avenue Men’s Warrior Fancy Dress Costume Set or become the one-woman outlaw with a heart of gold in the Leg Avenue Men’s Robin Hood Fancy Dress Costume Set. And you’ll certainly command attention as a Queen’s Guard

It’s not just men that have made the history books over the centuries. Our women’s historical costumes include the Leg Avenue Warrior Maiden Adult Fancy Dress Costume and Leg Avenue Deadly Huntress Adult Costume Set. And if chain mail armour had looked like this on the battlefield, we’re sure more fights would have ended in love, not war with the Leg Avenue Faux Chain Mail Hooded Dress

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