Latex Fetish Clothing & Lingerie

Latex clothing has been fashionable for a long time and is a very sexy choice if you wish to flatter your body in a figure hugging outfit. From sexy latex dresses and skirts to latex trousers and sexy skin tight catsuits we have a variety of different styles of latex clothing available in all shapes and sizes.

Latex Lingerie

Why not flaunt your figure in some sexy latex lingerie? Take a look and find the ideal item of latex lingerie for you. Whatever your choice you can be sure of top quality latex clothing and latex lingerie and at very affordable prices.

Datex Clothing and Lingerie

Datex is a brand new material made from 100% natural Latex rubber bonded to an elasticated knitted fabric, which gives Datex clothing and lingerie some amazing qualities in its ability to stretch and return to shape, Datex is also easier to wear the Latex with no need for lube or dressing agents. These High Quality Datex / Latex Garments are made in the EU (Poland). If you wish to read more about What is Datex? etc the click here.

Sexy Shiny Latex Fetish Clothing and Lingerie from Latex, Leather and Lace

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